Our expertise in core competencies enables end-end ownership that is leveraged to develop, implement, and execute global connectivity solutions for customers

Architecture & Partnerships

Architecture & Network Design

Requirements  compilation and audit of the existing Infrastructure of the End Customer

Network design with the required redundancy levels by the Design team

 Network architecture and implementation of standard protocols

System & Network Engineering

Procurement & Partnership


Existing Partnerships with Global Data centers, Logistics, Server vendors 


Procurement of Data center cabinets, Servers, Power devices, Networking equipment


Circuits from ISP providers, Internet Exchange (IX) providers, Cloud Exchange (CX) providers

Testing & Project Management

Prototype Testing & Validation

Equipment Validation

Configuration & Build of servers, switches and L3 devices based on standards

 Systematic Testing and validation of the configuration

Vendor Management

Program Management

Plan and schedule the project timeline

Manage a functional team

Communicate with stakeholders and customers

Provide status reports

Deliver the project on time

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Why RITSnet?

End to End Ownership

Global Logistics


Existing Partnerships with global logistics


Management  & Co-ordination of all shipment related documentation


Track the shipments to their respective destination

Creation of Points of Presence

Multiple data center ecosystems connections

A single contract for getting it done

Last Mile Connectivity