BPO American answers the call for a highly secure, easy to deploy Windows

Hello Customer,

Discover the remarkable business transformation of BPO American, where stringent security measures and growth went hand in hand, thanks to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

As Ken Wills, President of BPO American, explains, “We must meet the strictest levels of security. The way we did that was by choosing Microsoft 365 Business Premium to safeguard information on remote agents’ desktops.”

But the benefits didn’t stop there. BPO American reduced onboarding time for new agents, streamlined internal communications, and embraced a predictable pricing model.

By transitioning to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, their lives and the lives of their agents became easier, transforming their business operations for the better.

Now, imagine the possibilities for your own business. We can help you unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 Business Premium and its robust security features, empowering your business to thrive.

At RITSNET, we’re committed to helping businesses like yours succeed. As a Microsoft GOLD Partner and direct Cloud Service Provider, we can simplify design, provisioning, renewal, maintenance and billing with our seamless CSP support, saving you time and effort so you can focus on your core business.

Best Regards,
Rodney JuarezSr. Account Manager